Step by Step guide to place an order!

< Step #1 >
Go to the "Delivery Group Allocation" page to know your delivery address Group number. Groups are assigned based on the first two digit of the delivery postal code. 


< Step #2 >
Go to the "Catalog" page to see what products are available and select the product you want with the correct delivery group.

Select the bakes and quantity you desire and add to cart. 

**Important - Do not place multiple different Groups/delivery dates, as this will deliveries will only be done on a occasion, unless you have different address that you which to deliver to, you may wish to place another order after you have completed your first.** 

After placing all your orders and when you are ready to checkout please click view cart: 

Please check your orders and ensure that the below details is correct, after which you may click on the "Check Out" button. 
- Product 
- Delivery Group 
(Your orders will be delivery to you on the assigned date indicated on the product description, in example 4th Sept 2021)

< Step #3 >
Please fill up your details here, do ensure that email address is filled up at the first box and shipping address have the correct unit number, block number, postal code and receiver contact number.  

Check that the details are correct and click continue. 

Fill up the payment details and conduct a last check before clicking "Pay now" 

After placing your orders, the invoice will be send to your email address.
Do contact us via whatsapps should you have any queries regarding your orders.