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Reviews from our nutella fans

Cafe Rui has the best Nutella tarts in Singapore, hands down. There is no fight, and there are no better contenders.

Trust us when it comes to Nutella tarts because we are so particular about our Nutella desserts and we’ve tried so many Nutella tarts over the years that we know what a good one should be. And Cafe Rui has nailed it, making them our go-to home baker whenever our cravings for Nutella tarts kicks in.

Cafe Rui has the best Nutella tarts in Singapore; every single element is perfect. The tart base is a buttery and crumbly, and she bakes them with only premium French butter, so you know her tarts will never come with that distinct cheap taste that most nutella tart places in Singapore unfortunately offer. The Nutella filling is more than generous, and piped with precision so that every bite of the tart is accompanied with a good ratio of Nutella filling.


The base is so buttery & crumbly, and the fragrance of the quality french butter used really shines through. You can immediately taste the difference - definitely not the cheap kind of tart base you get from most places. I swear the butter is the key to the very amazing smoothness of the base!

Also, the Nutella is fresh & creamy. You know some place give you Nutella tarts with the Nutella part being hard? Not this.
OMG this is so good.

I just got home! And omg ur packaging is so cute!! THE TARTS ARE DELICIOUS!! Extremely nutellay

No turning back once i tried these delicious Biscoff Nutella/Nutella tarts from Cafe.Rui love those pretty swirls <3

The Nutella tarts taste so good!!!! Yesterday you delivered 3 tins over, 1 tin for my friend, now i left with last tin already cos my family and i cleared 1 tin last night!!

Forget about dieting when you've Cafe.Rui tarts, i received 3 tins last Wednesday & i cleared it last night.

Received my boxes but was too excited to eat it i forgot to snap a photo!

The Biscoff flavour is great i love the crunchy base!

Tag you in next order :P

Their butter base is not jelat, Nutella is not crazy sweet, and i can even smell the cookie smell from just opening up my box of delights!

Nutella Classic Tarts

Nutella Biscoff Tarts

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